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How Are Services Paid For

Counseling Services can be paid for by one of the following options:

• Medical Assistance/Forward Health Program

• County Wraparound Program-CCS

• Care Wisconsin

• County or agency contracted program

• Self-pay (sliding scale fee available)


Any service provider, family member, or consumer can contact us for eligibility questions and/or to make a formal referral. He or she may call our main office line at (608)745-1751 or download the referral form below. The referral can be faxed to the main office at (608)745-1757 or sent to the office at P.O. Box 445, Portage WI 53901.

Crisis Services

Transitions Behavioral Health, LLC provides a 24-hour crisis line for consumers enrolled in the intensive in-home family therapy program. This line is maintained by a therapist at all times and families in crisis may call the number if they are having difficulties. Please call 1-608-566-3644 in case of a crisis and we can further assist you.

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