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Our Mission

Supporting child, adolescent and adult individuals, couples and families achieve their strength-based goals for a more independent and well-balanced behavioral health and additional recovery during difficult transitions in their life cycle. We provide ethical supervision and clinical collaboration for employees so consumers receive exceptional care.


In-Home Family Therapy Services

Intensive in-home family therapy is a counseling service that is provided to school-aged youth with emotional, behavioral, and/or mental health problems. Services are provided to the entire family. This is a family systems-based approach to treatment, meaning that to treat the child the family also needs to be treated. In-home family therapy services include:

  • An extensive, strength-based needs assessment

  • An individualized treatment plan is developed that addresses the needs of the child as well as the family and incorporated their strengths. The treatment plan includes multi-agency goals from other service providers that may be involved with the family such as county social workers, school, and/or mentors.

  • Services are provided to the family in their home. This allows services to be flexible and convenient for the family.

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